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What we do

We help product companies uplift their product to the next level. We help them identify the correct technology set which will make them future ready. We work with enterprises to revive and redesign their products to help them prepare for new business challenges.

Why us

Everybody claims product development experience and has a track record to showcase, so why should you trust your Product Upgrade to TechBulls? For one, we are experts at Product Transformation. We elevate products from their current versions. We modernize Legacy products to take on the future. We make MVP’s Market-ready. ​


Number of version 2.0 shipped


Number of products built from groundup


Different product companies trust us as their technology partners


Reduction in cost due to focus on code reusability and reliability


Outcome driven approach with agile process


Faster delivery time


 As VP, Securities Operations for one of the premier global FinTech/Payments software product companies, I relied heavily on TechBulls for maintenance of existing product features and for development of incremental functionality. Their Securities post-trade domain knowledge, combined with their embrace of Agile development methodologies and their overall technology expertise, led consistently to the high-speed delivery of high-quality software. I have rarely experienced this with other technology vendors. More important than making me a happy customer, TechBulls made my customers happy customers.

VP,Senior Project Manager at Finastra(legacy Fundtech Corporation,D+H)
 The most important crunch for us to address was productivity concerns and being agile in all aspects of product development. TechBulls allowed us onboard the largest customers by helping solve some complex problems and issues with the scalability of the product. With TechBulls, we have experienced a rare combination of technical expertise along with transparency throughout.

CTO and Co-Founder of Startup in AI driven expense report auditing.
 I would recommend Techbulls for the excellence of engineering level they hold, was miles above most of the offshoring team we have dealt with. Their team helped us build orchestration feature which was key to our product offering. They came up with a design which could create complex orchestration workflows. We had dedicated solutions attitude engineers in Techbulls with us, guiding us through the value we needed....

CTO and Co-Founder of Account Based Marketing Product (Ex-Googler)
 We see TechBulls as part of our core engineering team. They were able to point out the core technical challenges with our product, that we had not thought about and also helped us choose the right technology to solve the same. They quickly built the core engine while we could independently work on integrating with partners. Every day, we felt the presence on the other side of the screen of really understanding, motivated, skilled and committed professionals.

Co-Founder and Engineering Head of Insurance Aggregation Portal.


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